There’s a saying. Once you’ve heard the cry of a fish eagle, you will always come back to Africa!

His family fortune lost, Rupert Pengelly returns to Rhodesia, where he was stationed during World War II. As the country evolves around him, Rupert pursues a new sense of belonging while searching for his friend’s missing daughter, the girl he swore to protect.

It’s a search that becomes more and more desperate and having made a promise, Rupert is duty bound. He must honour it, no matter what the consequences. He must find Sasa.

As the years pass, Rupert triumphs over adversity. But another war is looming as the irrepressible tide of black nationalism is sweeping through Africa. A new generation of men like Tererai Ndoro and Lovemore Ngwenya have joined the struggle for Zimbabwe. All their lives are about to change forever. But still, they are all enslaved by the Cry of the Fish Eagle.

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