Exiled… his sweetheart lost… one man will risk everything!
The year is 1887. Sebastian Brigandshaw is stolen away from his lover, Emily, an impoverished Baronet’s daughter, and forced across the sea in order to allow his older brother to take Emily’s hand instead. Cast into the wild and unknown colonies of Southern Africa, Sebastian becomes one of the first white elephant hunters in the land of the Zulu King, Lobengula. There he will see the bloodiest faces of man as loyalty and friendship are divided with the Second Anglo-Boer War.

ECHOES FROM THE PAST is the first book in Peter Rimmer’s Brigandshaw Chronicles, a historical family saga. If you like Ken Follett, Alex Haley, and Wilbur Smith, then you'll love the Chronicles that combines all of their best traits in a magnificent tale of romance, war, and survival.


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