After completing his Oxford University degree, Harry Brigandshaw spends the summer at Purbeck Manor in the heart of the Dorset countryside and home to his friend Robert St Clair. Whilst there, Harry meets Lucinda, Robert’s sister, who falls in love with him but he doesn’t reciprocate her love. During a day out shooting, Harry receives a telegram from Africa and he must return home immediately. Together, Harry and Robert set sail for Rhodesia.

The years pass and 1914 approaches with England declaring war on Germany. With the war in full swing and those closest to Harry enlisting in the army, Harry’s brother is killed in action. Devastated, Harry enlists for vengeance. As he moves up in the ranks, a past acquaintance from Oxford is also making a name for himself - the invincible killing machine, Fishy Braithwaite. As the war wages on, Harry is dealt several more blows as he attempts to stay alive and keep his family safe, but can he? With danger brewing around every corner, it is a formidable task.

ELEPHANT WALK is the second book of the Brigandshaw Chronicles with ECHOES FROM THE PAST being the first.


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